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Can Superior Concrete Products be used to safely surround livestock?

The Superior Rail™ fence is strong enough to safely surround horses, cattle or other livestock. Height options are 2 rail (3’ high), 3 rail (4’ high) or 4 rail (5’ high). Concrete post are 8’ on center.

Why use Superior Concrete Products over traditional fencing systems?

Concrete fencing eliminates the usual quick deterioration and aging of wood due to exposure to the elements, and prevents damage caused by termites and other wood-eating insects and critters.

Engineer & Design Capabilities

Superior Concrete Products is NPCA certified. We provide design and engineering services for every project; and we can customize the strength, color, texture, and size of our building systems to your specifications.

Full Build & Installations

Superior handles all phases of your build and installation. To explain our process simply, posts are set into drilled piers, then aligned, leveled, and anchored. Panels are inserted down the posts’ tracks, and panel caps complete the installation.

American Made, Shipped Globally

Superior Concrete products are manufactured in Cleburne, Texas, then shipped to your site for installation. With our modular design, each product has its own unique features that adds value, appeal and elegance to your property.

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